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In the insurance industry, it’s a constant challenge to mitigate fraud while still offering great products and service. Find out how Enformion’s insurance solutions can help.

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How Enformion Can Help the Insurance Industry

Insurance is intended to protect clients from financial loss, especially due to damage to a home, car or other large asset, major injury, or loss of life. The potential payouts are especially tempting to fraudsters. If unchecked, such fraud can be quite damaging to an insurance company’s bottom line as well as their reputation.

So, in order to protect their own interests, as well as their clients’, it’s up to insurance professionals to be ever-vigilant when it comes to scams. Enformion can help to provide the watchful eye that those in the insurance industry need.

Keep Fraud at Bay

To establish client trust and protect profits, insurance companies need to have strong fraud detection tools in place. At the same time, those tools should be non-intrusive and intuitive enough to ensure a good customer service experience. Enformion’s suite of fraud solutions can power a fraud detection program to quickly and discreetly detect and stop fraud.

  • Insurance fraud is not likely to go away on its own, so you need to take charge to stop it at your firm.
  • While important, fraud detection should not be so complex and time-consuming that it deters client acquisition and retention.
  • Enformion data and fraud detection solutions work tirelessly in the background for quick and easy processing.

Verify Identities

In the fight against fraud, the number one tool is identity verification. You need to be able to make sure that an individual is really the covered individual of record. Enformion can help in that task with our vast database and advanced algorithms able to relate identifying data to individuals. Results are fast as well as accurate, ensuring a streamlined process and happier clients.

  • When it comes to insurance, clients expect identity verification. But they don’t want it to take too long.
  • As one of the essential tools in the fraud mitigation toolbelt, identity verification needs to be both accurate and fast.
  • Enformion only needs one data point to quickly associate other data and create a fuller picture for an individual.

Scalable Data Solutions

Fortunately, much of the identity verification and risk mitigation that the insurance industry should ensure can be largely automated. Enformion specializes in customizing fraud detection and risk mitigation solutions for the insurance industry. And we can deliver the data you need in the most efficient way for your company and its processes.

  • Make sure you always have full and complete data for your clients with regular batch processing of client lists.
  • Make access to that data even more seamless with API integration into your existing system.
  • Supplement larger automated tasks with fast and easy manual searches on our web search platform.



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