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The commercial insurance industry has a lot of moving parts and—therefore—numerous challenges to maintaining an efficient, streamlined process. Find out how Enformion can help.

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Enformion’s Commercial Insurance Solutions

Building occupants, building owners, business types, the condition of the building, changing regulations. These are just some of the things that need to be considered for commercial insurance underwriting. All of them can influence the amount of risk you take on and can provide sources of fraud. Not to mention the fact that when any one of them changes, that changes policies and premiums.

Fortunately, Enformion can help you to manage all of these different components to both protect your own interests and keep your customers happy.

Mitigate Risk and Fraud

The individuals, business entities and the properties themselves can all be potential sources of risk or fraud. One of the best ways to mitigate that risk is to get background information that confirms any patterns of risky or fraudulent behavior. Enformion can provide you with the information you need on business owners, as well as on the buildings to be covered under a policy.

  • Starting with just a name and other piece of identifying information, you can verify a person’s identity and get background information about them.
  • An address search can reveal if a property is prone to fire, flood or other issues.
  • Verify if a property owner or occupant/business is legitimate.

Be Adaptable

Clients’ personal and professional situations often change. Having the right information at all times can help you to go the extra mile for your clients and be able to offer them options to meet their changing needs. By understanding what could happen ahead of time, you can prepare accordingly. Enformion can help you stay informed to adapt properly to changing circumstances.

  • While every situation is unique, a common solution may be able to satisfy an array of similar issues.
  • Coming up with a helpful solution depends on quickly identifying certain trends.
  • Showing a willingness to work with clients on any difficulties results in happier clients and, via good word of mouth, more clients.

Streamline Processes for Clients

Spend a fraction of the time that it used to take to perform due diligence for commercial insurance policies. Before data and technology like that at Enformion was available, verifying clients’ identities, vetting businesses, and inspecting businesses all required time-consuming legwork. But with much of the needed information already in hand, you can move forward with client requests faster.

  • We have information about individuals and entities centralized in one location.
  • Starting just with a search by name or address, you gain immediate access to that information.
  • As a result, you can make decisions about underwriting and premiums that much quicker.

Stay Proactive

With up-to-date data and expertise at your disposal, it becomes much easier to stay ahead of the curve. By interpreting past data, you can predict future outcomes. In turn, you can prepare by coming up with smart solutions to anticipated problems. Enformion can provide you with both the information you need and the tools you need to analyze what the information can mean for your business.

  • With information available from Enformion, you can ideate and develop products that your customers want and need.
  • Give marketing teams the opportunity to create focused campaigns for select groups of people.
  • Don’t be reactive. Be proactive, and be ready by having contingencies in place for anticipated problems before they happen.



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