Insurance Solutions from Enformion


Insurance Solutions from Enformion can help you provide better service, increase acquisition & retention, aid in fraud detection, and more. 

Acquisition & Retention

Getting new customers is one thing; holding onto existing customers is another. Find out how the tools at Enformion can help insurance companies to both acquire and retain clients.

Our data and analysis tools allow you to offer plans and services that clients want by targeting their specific needs. In addition, you’re able to keep up with your customers as they go through different life changes and challenges with data that can be updated automatically and seamlessly.

Fraud Detection

For those in the insurance industry, detecting and stopping fraud is an ongoing challenge. See how you can leverage Enformion’s data and detection tools to keep fraudsters at bay.

With our vast database of public information, advanced analytic tools, and decades of expertise, Enformion is the partner you need to fight back against fraud. We can help to make the necessary task of detecting fraud much easier for you and your company to perform.

Enformion’s Identity Verification services are able to relate seemingly small bits of identifying information to confirm whether or not a person is telling the truth about their identity. The same data about a person can also reveal criminal records or other potential red flags in their past.

Moving forward, the real opportunity for fraud to occur is when a claim is filed. Some claims may show greater potential for fraud than others. Our predictive analytics can help you to identify and focus on those more questionable claims. By integrating via API, you can make Enformion data part of an automated process to flag certain data points as potentially fraudulent.

Learn more about our Identity Verification Solutions

Location Intelligence

Understanding the demographics of an area and what its occupants need from insurance coverage can help you to act proactively and gain satisfied clientele.

We can help you to accurately factor location into the quoting and underwriting equation. Enformion data and tools can help you to more accurately assess risk, set appropriate pricing, and generally get a better understanding of the clients you serve.

Quoting & Underwriting

Immediate access to the vast database at Enformion means you can get the information you need in a fraction of the time it used to take, and with the high level of accuracy, you need to move forward with confidence. Improve your processes and your customers’ experiences with quoting and underwriting solutions at Enformion.

Use our identity verification services to perform your due diligence and meet any crime compliance regulations.

Improve Speed and Accuracy: Enformion’s vast database and state-of-the-art analytics offer you fast insights that are specific to your needs.

Streamline Processes: The same kind of data that informs underwriting and quotes can also be used for product development purposes, marketing initiatives, and more. Employing such a data-driven approach with multiple business initiatives can only make your entire company run more efficiently.

Enhance Customer Experience: As much as it will make things easier and more efficient on your side improved quoting and underwriting will also go a long way toward building a portfolio of happy clients.

  • Improve Speed and Accuracy
  • Streamline Processes
  • Enhance Customer Experience

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