Investigations Solutions with Enformion

Enformion’s extensive database and set of tools and solutions aid in all your investigation needs. 

Accelerate your investigations with Enformion

Our database is powered by billions of data points, leverages cutting-edge public records technology and proprietary algorithms to bring all key content together in a customizable dashboard.

Locate, identify, and connect the facts you need

Locate hard-to-find information and quickly identify potential concerns associated with people and businesses to determine if further analysis is needed.

Our user-friendly platform can be customized to your needs, enabling you to quickly search across thousands of data sets and get accurate results in less time.

Get the full picture

Close gaps in your investigations and locate hard-to-find information on your subject. Quickly and easily locate the subject's most recent address and phone information, as well as who their associates are.

Analyze data & identify patterns

Go deeper in your investigations and reveal connections other resources miss. Easily connect information about people, businesses, assets, affiliations, and other vital data.

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