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To solve cases faster, licensed investigators need data that’s fast, reliable, and accurate. Find subjects and get deeper information about them with Enformion.

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How Enformion Helps Licensed Investigators

The main goal for licensed investigators is to get to the truth. At Enformion, we share that passion. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and quality of the billions of records we maintain in our database, as well as the efficiency with which we can share that data for practical applications.

With our data in hand, investigators can gain unique insights into their subjects and solve cases faster.

Find & Identify People of Interest

Investigators are typically brought into the mix to locate people who don’t want to be (or can’t be) found. These people tend to not put address changes through. Fortunately, Enformion contact data has the latest contact information available for most adults in America. From there, our analytical tools can help to deduce likely current places of residence.

  • In the past, skip tracing involved a whole lot of legwork. With our thorough data and advanced algorithms and analysis capabilities, we take care of that legwork for you.
  • We are able to use the data that’s there to draw logical conclusions about where a person of interest may be.
  • This saves investigators time, which is a particularly valuable commodity when solving crimes is concerned.

Learn More About Suspects & Witnesses

Apart from locating a suspect or witness, a licensed investigator is also often tasked with finding out more information about them. It is up to them to determine if that person is really a qualified lead or not. Enformion’s data can help an investigator to better make that determination.

  • With our contact data, investigators can find out if a person was where they said they were, and when.
  • Do they know other people associated with a particular case? You may see them in a list of relatives and other known associates.
  • Also find out if there are other circumstances in their lives that make them suspect. Find out if they have a criminal past or financial concerns that would confirm them as a person of interest.

Make Connections

Associations between people, places and things are not always obvious. But pinpointing such relationships can mean the difference between solving a case or not. We can help. Beyond just supplying data, Enformion is also able to discern relationships and patterns in that data to help investigators reach perhaps unexpected but still logical conclusions.

  • With our advanced algorithms, we can see where data overlaps and relates to other data sets.
  • Find out if a person’s contact information or location data matches up with the facts of a case or not.
  • Such connections can take a lot of time for a person to come to on their own. We can do it quickly.

Solve More Cases Faster

By using intelligent data to identify, interpret and analyze certain facts of a case, investigators free up their time to focus on other important aspects. The result? Cases that are solved faster. Pair that speed with accuracy, and licensed investigators can earn themselves the kind of good reputation that will get them hired time and time again.

  • Enformion’s extensive data and analysis tools help investigators to manage all aspects of a case more efficiently.
  • We can help to make seemingly complex cases much simpler and, therefore, easier to solve.
  • Investigators can then solve more cases faster, thereby enabling them to take on more cases.



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The State of Third-Party Collections 2019: Challenges, Trends and Innovations

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