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In the investigation of a crime, good data can be one of law enforcement’s most important tools. See how Enformion can provide case-solving information.

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Can Enformion Help Law Enforcement with Crime and Criminal Investigations?

In the course of criminal investigations, if information turns out to be irrelevant and no more evidence surfaces, leads turn cold and cases go unsolved. At Enformion, we want to do all we can to keep that from happening.

That’s why we’ve developed an array of analytic and investigative tools to help those in law enforcement to better gather and interpret the vast amounts of data we also provide. We’re here to help you solve cases and stop crime.

Get Fuller Pictures About People of Interest

Back up gut feelings with unassailable data. You may confident that a person committed a crime. But if the direct evidence isn’t there, data can help decide if you need to look harder. There may be something in a person’s background that indicates a certain pattern of bad behavior. Maybe they’ve fallen on hard times, or they have a history of violence. Data at Enformion can reveal that.

  • Even if there’s no obvious evidence that someone committed a crime, the data may reveal circumstantial evidence.
  • It could also reveal possible motive, in the form of financial issues (bankruptcy, foreclosures, etc.), past crimes, and known associates.
  • You can learn more about where a person is now, and where they’ve been.

Investigate Leads

In order to move cases forward, investigators need actionable data that generates leads. Enformion data can provide investigators with leads to pursue, people to question, and experts to consult. When other evidence is lacking, the information we provide can keep a case from turning cold. And even when evidence is plentiful, our data can make a case even stronger.

  • Without actionable data and leads to work, a criminal case can quickly stagnate.
  • The wealth of data available from Enformion can continue generating leads after other evidence has seemingly led nowhere.
  • Our assessment tools can help investigators pinpoint the quality of leads, so they don’t waste their time.

Locate Witnesses

Next to actual physical evidence, witnesses to a crime can be key to solving a case and bringing criminals to justice. For any number of reasons, some witnesses may be reluctant to come forward. Enformion’s thorough and up-to-date contact data makes it easier to locate those witnesses who may not want to be found.

  • Even if other physical evidence is lacking, having a witness to a crime can be very powerful.
  • Whether they’re fearful of harm or of having their own bad behavior uncovered, some witnesses may try to avoid talking to law enforcement.
  • With our contact data, even those witnesses who really don’t want to be found have nowhere to hide.

Analyze Data and Identify Patterns

Sometimes, it can be difficult to see the larger picture that public records and other data can reveal. That’s where Enformion’s advanced analytics technology can be especially helpful. It can see patterns in large batches of data that human beings cannot. By using such tools, investigators can determine what kinds of crime tend to be happening in certain locations, and then plan accordingly.

  • Understanding crime patterns across certain regions can help investigators and others in law enforcement to properly leverage personnel and other resources.
  • It can also help to dictate the scope of any preventative crime measures.
  • Being more fully prepared can help law enforcement to be more efficient in their efforts to protect and serve.



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