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For many criminal investigations, collaboration across different departments is needed to solve the case. See how Enformion can make such collaboration easier.

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How Can Enformion Improve Law Enforcement Data Sharing?

It’s hard to believe that, not that long ago, law enforcement agencies did not talk to each other about the cases they were working. While certainly also an aspect of an insular culture, the more practical matter was that the technology simply didn’t exist to share information in any kind of efficient manner.

Thankfully, that has changed. Inter-departmental data sharing has become more and more a common practice to try and catch criminals all across the country.

See Data Across Jurisdictions

People move all the time, and that includes criminals. Due to the lack of communication in the past, that could mean that someone could commit a crime, move elsewhere and commit another one; and no one would be able to connect the two. Now agencies have access to nationwide law enforcement data. Enformion can help your agency to interpret and use that data more effectively.

  • Use data from around the country to fight crime locally.
  • Apart from noting instances of crime, you can also borrow others’ interpretations to potentially see things from a different perspective.
  • Find relationships between crimes that others may not have seen before.

Share Complete Information

If a police department in Denver needs some information on a case in Tampa, that information should be able to be shared quickly and easily. Ideally, that information will be clean and complete. But if not, Enformion can help you to fill in the gaps. Even if only a single data point exists on a suspect or witness, we can find addresses, phone numbers, and other associated data.

  • Even sparse data from other departments can be helpful, as long as you have the right tools to fill it out.
  • Up your own department’s game with data that is always complete, properly formatted, and up-to-date.
  • Use Enformion to make sure your data is always ready, whether it’s coming in or being shared with others.

Get the Full Picture

While knowing what’s happening in your immediate area is important, so is understanding what that could mean on a broader scale. Is the case being investigated part of a larger enterprise? Is gang-related crime on the rise in your city or across the country? Data that can help you to see the bigger picture can help your department and others to be prepared.

  • You may think you understand everything about a single crime or local crimes, but do you really?
  • Understanding more about the individuals involved can create better understanding of that crime and others like it.
  • This understanding can be further broadened with the analysis of other similar crimes across the country.

Analyze and Plan Ahead

With the bigger picture in mind, law enforcement agencies can better plan and devise more effective preventative measures. We can analyze data to either find existing trends or predict ones that may be coming. At Enformion, we are proud to offer our services in the interest of solving crimes and even preventing them from happening in the first place.

  • More than just seeing patterns in crime, data can be analyzed to interpret underlying reasons why it may be happening.
  • Knowing those reasons can help law enforcement to predict crime and be better prepared against it.
  • Understanding these trends can also assist in community outreach and other related programs.



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