Enformion Solutions for Law Enforcement Data Sharing

For many criminal investigations, collaboration across different departments is needed to solve the case. See how Enformion can make such collaboration easier.

Accelerate your investigative workflow

See data across jurisdictions
Share complete information
Get the full picture
Analyze and plan ahead

See Data Across Jurisdictions

People move all the time, and that includes criminals. Due to the lack of communication in the past, that could mean that someone could commit a crime, move elsewhere and commit another one; and no one would be able to connect the two.

Now agencies have access to national law enforcement data. Enformion can help your agency to interpret and use that data more effectively.

Share complete information

Our extensive set of data can help you to fill in the gaps. Even if only a single data point exists on a suspect or witness, we can find addresses, phone numbers, and other associated data to complete your data set.

Get the full picture

While knowing what’s happening in your immediate area is important, so is understanding what that could mean on a broader scale. Is the case being investigated part of a larger enterprise? Is gang-related crime on the rise in your city or across the country?

Data that can help you to see the bigger picture can help your department and others to be prepared.

Analyze and plan ahead

With the bigger picture in mind, law enforcement agencies can better plan and devise more effective preventative measures. We can analyze data to either find existing trends or predict ones that may be coming.

At Enformion, we are proud to offer our services in the interest of solving crimes and even preventing them from happening in the first place.

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