Investigative Tools and Solutions


Enformion’s extensive data and analysis tools help investigators manage all aspects of a case more efficiently.

Asset Recovery

Use Enformion’s advanced skip tracing and investigative tools to quickly recover collateral and assets. Professional investigators may need to employ advanced tools to locate a car, boat, home, or other assets that need to be recovered. We have the data licensed investigators need to recover assets quickly, with data delivery tools that make access to such data easier than ever.

Our property data is nationwide and updated regularly with millions of records from assessor and recorder records covering over 3,000 counties. We are continually adding new data sources to add to asset recovery efforts, including:

  • Business records from U.S. Corporation – Secretary of State filings
  • Business records from UCC Filings
  • Vehicle registration data and ownership data
  • And more

Fraud Investigations

See how the data at Enformion can help to make investigations into fraud more efficient and effective, and deter fraudsters. From phishing scams and identity theft to insurance fraud and counterfeiting, fraud can take on many forms. Regardless of the type of fraud committed, the comprehensive and accurate data we provide can help you identify perpetrators with greater speed and precision.

Identity Verification

Verify identities, authenticate consumers, and mitigate fraud and risk with Enformion.

Enformion’s Identity Verification tool provides actionable data on people and businesses to help you make better decisions, and with near-instant results. Available on the online investigative platform or via API, you have the power and the data in your hands.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Enformion has partnered with DRN Data to bring License Plate Recognition (LPR) data to our extensive set of data and solutions. With this expanded offering, we can provide even more services to an expanded set of customers.

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