License Plate Recognition (LPR) with Enformion


Vehicle Sightings can be searched by address, vehicle (license plate or VIN), or picture.

Enformion has partnered with DRN Data to bring License Plate Recognition (LPR) data to our extensive set of data and solutions. With this expanded offering, we can provide even more services to an expanded set of customers.

Vehicle Sightings

Vehicle Sightings can now be run through any of our searches or reports that contain a physical address, license plate number, or VIN. This database contains over 9 billion nationwide vehicle sighting records with over 160 million new sightings being captured and added monthly.

In addition to our existing powerful analytical tools and data, this new feature will provide even more information to investigative searches related to claims investigations, private investigations, or anti-fraud activities. Vehicle Sightings can be searched by address, vehicle (license plate or VIN), or picture.

Each sighting includes valuable information including:

  • Images of the front, back, and side of the vehicle
  • Image of license plate
  • Date and time stamp
  • Geolocation of each vehicle sighting, including latitude and longitude

Address Search

Using the Address Search option, users can review vehicle sightings near a given address. Up to 20 addresses can be searched and analyzed to find links between vehicles and locations.

Vehicle Search

The Vehicle Search option allows for the ability to search by license plate number or VIN for any sightings of a vehicle. Users can also map all sightings of an individual vehicle or search for all vehicle location data for a specific date.

Picture Search

Using the Picture Search option, users can search by a single license plate for pictures of a particular vehicle or by VIN. This option also lets users view photos over a specified time period.

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