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Enformion Announces a Powerful New Suite of IDV Products


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July 13, 2023

Enformion Announces a Powerful New Suite of IDV Products

Sacramento, CA (July 13, 2023) – Enformion, a leading data and analytics solutions provider, is proud to introduce its eSuite of identity verification (IDV) products – eIDV, ePrefill, and eIndicators. The eSuite offers reliable and powerful products to simplify customer onboarding while fortifying identity verification, security, and compliance strategies.

With the increasing need for robust identity verification measures in a digital world, businesses are seeking advanced solutions to mitigate risks, enhance customer trust, and comply with stringent regulations. Enformion’s IDV product suite provides an all-encompassing set of tools and technologies that deliver unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and convenience, revolutionizing how organizations verify identities and onboard customers.

Enformion’s IDV eSuite includes:

  • eIDV: a product designed to confirm the authenticity of an individual’s identity data using a proprietary Composite Score. It offers flexible search criteria and leverages Enformion’s vast data resources that connect a consumer’s names, DBAs, addresses, phones, e-mails, and date of birth to substantiate a user identity. The dynamic product goes beyond traditional authentication scores by visually showcasing each category-level match score and allowing its weight to be fully configurable in the total Composite Score.
  • ePrefill: a product that safely and securely streamlines the data entry process for digitally onboarding customers, reducing customer friction and abandonment rates by filling in missing or incomplete elements in seconds. This makes the customer experience smoother, faster, more efficient, and more profitable for the business.
  • eIndicators: a real-time product that utilizes identity graph data and analytics to flag potential adverse risks, providing comprehensive insights into a customer’s background and aiding in fraud, compliance, and risk reduction.

“We are incredibly excited about the launch of our IDV eSuite,” said Amber Higgins, CEO at Enformion. “Our twenty-plus years of entity resolution experience combined with our extensive data coverage powers this group of game-changing products, enabling businesses to securely and efficiently verify customer identities in a digital landscape. We believe this suite will not only revolutionize the way businesses operate but also contribute to a safer and more secure online environment.”

As a company committed to providing state-of-the-art products, Enformion understands the significance of identity verification in building trust, safeguarding transactions, and protecting sensitive information. Our IDV eSuite sets a new industry standard by combining cutting-edge data technology, unparalleled analytics, broad accurate data coverage, top-rated customer service, and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless experience for businesses and customers alike.

To learn more, please visit http://www.enformion.com or follow us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/enformion.


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Enformion is a powerful analytics solution provider, offering an unparalleled view of people, businesses, and their interrelationships. 30+ years in the data technology industry has resulted in a database of 120 billion up-to-date records for more than 240 million American adults, including hard-to-verify populations, from 6000+ data sources. Enformion provides solutions for a variety of markets including financial services, identity verification, eCommerce and marketplaces, collections and investigations, and government. For more information about our customized solutions, visit https://www.enformion.com/ or call (855) 281-3915.

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