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Enformion Announces eAgeComply, an Innovative Age Verification Product 

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Sacramento, CA (September 26, 2023) – Enformion, a pioneer in data and analytic-driven solutions, is proud to announce the launch of eAgeComply, its cutting-edge age verification product. Setting a new standard, eAgeComply verifies age and identity with accuracy and speed, providing businesses with a comprehensive tool to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce fraud risks. 

eAgeComply leverages Enformion’s award-winning data repository and robust entity resolution engine to deliver unparalleled results. With just a phone number or name and address, businesses can rely on eAgeComply to confirm that users are 18 years of age or older, ensuring compliance with a wide range of regulatory requirements. 

Key features of eAgeComply include: 

  • Supports Regulatory Compliance: eAgeComply addresses nearly 150 age-related bills and existing laws, including compliance with COPPA, giving businesses the confidence they need to navigate complex regulatory environments. 
  • Future-Ready with ISO Standards: eAgeComply meets the criteria outlined in the upcoming ISO industry standards, ensuring businesses stay ahead of the curve for compliance and data security. 
  • Lightning-Fast Verification: eAgeComply verifies a consumer’s date of birth in seconds, providing businesses with the speed and efficiency they need to streamline their onboarding process. 
  • Comprehensive Data: Powered by Enformion’s comprehensive data resources, eAgeComply offers a level of accuracy and coverage that is unparalleled in the industry. 
  • Meets IAL2 requirements: eAgeComply proudly meets the stringent IAL2 requirements, demonstrating Enformion’s commitment to providing industry-leading age verification solutions with the highest levels of authentication assurance. 

With eAgeComply, businesses can onboard users with confidence and ensure they fall within the correct targeted audience. This powerful tool empowers organizations to prioritize compliance without compromising on efficiency. Furthermore, eAgeComply is extensible, allowing businesses to address global needs and cater to both in-person and remote authentication scenarios. 

“We are thrilled to introduce eAgeComply to the market,” said Amber Higgins, CEO of Enformion. “This product represents a significant leap forward in age verification technology, offering businesses a seamless solution to navigate regulatory landscapes while ensuring they are interacting with users in a responsible and compliant manner.” 

In addition to age verification, Enformion offers a comprehensive identity verification portfolio of products that standardize, verify, reduce risk, and enrich data. Recognized for their extensive coverage, data freshness, and accuracy of responses, Enformion’s solutions are a trusted partner across diverse sectors, including sales and marketing intelligence, financial services, identity verification, eCommerce, marketplaces, collections, investigations, and government sectors. 

To learn more, please visit https://www.enformion.com or follow us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/enformion.


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Enformion is a powerful analytics solution provider, offering an unparalleled view of people, businesses, and their interrelationships. 30+ years in the data technology industry has resulted in a database of 120 billion up-to-date records for more than 240 million American adults, including hard-to-verify populations, from 6000+ data sources. Enformion provides solutions for a variety of markets including financial services, identity verification, eCommerce and marketplaces, collections and investigations, and government. For more information about our customized solutions, visit https://www.enformion.com/ or call (855) 281-3915.  

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