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Enformion Partners with Industry Leader Cortera to Offer Business Credit Reports

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Enformion Partners with Industry Leader Cortera to Offer Business Credit Reports

July 22, 2021
Contact: Kristen Prusak
Marketing Specialist
Enformion, Inc.
[email protected]

Sacramento, CA (July 22, 2021) – Enformion is pleased to announce it has integrated Business Credit Report services from Cortera, a Moody’s Analytics company, to Enformion’s extensive database and existing set of solutions.

Enformion’s data solutions harness billions of public and proprietary data records to provide accurate, comprehensive, and actionable insights about people and businesses to clients focused on reducing risk, maximizing knowledge, and improving efficiencies.

With over 25 years of experience in powering credit departments for businesses of all sizes and industries, Cortera has the largest database of business information on private and public companies in North America. After being recently acquired by Moody’s, Cortera now provides even deeper insights and analytics, empowering businesses to make better decisions.

With this expanded set of data, Enformion customers can now run Business Credit Reports to receive information about a business’ credit health in an easy-to-read report. Information such as industry-specific payment behavior data delivers insights to help predict risk from the point of client acquisition through payment.

This addition to Enformion’s investigative platform, with information from over 6,000 sources and 120 billion records about individuals and businesses throughout the U.S., expands the breadth and coverage of services Enformion delivers to its clients. In addition, the record growth in Cortera’s data, which is maintained and analyzed using AI and machine learning, provides clients with invaluable tools for making data-informed, business-defining decisions.

An industry pioneer and expert in the data technology industry, Enformion is built on next-generation technology and data solutions. Enformion’s powerful search technology and best-in-class innovation delivers billions of records via its investigative cloud-based platform, API, and batch processing. Enformion provides solutions for a variety of markets including financial services, identity verification, debt recovery, and government.

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Enformion is a leading aggregator of public records data for business and public sector. 30+ years in the data technology industry has resulted in a database of 120 billion up-to-date records for more than 300 million American adults, from 6000+ data sources. For more information about our customized government and business solutions, visit enformion.com or call (855) 281-3915.

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