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People Search: Finding Anybody with the Tool


The internet has changed the way we do things, including searching for people. With a little work, anyone can find information about coworkers, friends, family, classmates, or even ancestors. As long as you have some contact information, you can easily find whoever you’re looking for.

However, there are times when finding someone can prove tricky. For example, when the person has no presence on the internet, or when they go by a different name. Or, in some cases, when the person doesn’t want to be found – think of a debtor. How do you go about searching for such an individual?

That’s where specialized software like Enformion comes in. With people’s search investigation tools, you can find virtually anyone – including those who work too hard to disappear. We’ll tell you more about these tools, but first, let’s make sure we are on the same page.

What is a People Search?

As the name suggests, people search is a specialized search engine that gives you the ability to find people online. Think of it like Google or Yahoo, but for finding people. People search tools pull a wealth of personal details from different sources, including court records, public profiles, and marriage records. They then deliver the information in one place, making it convenient and efficient. With people search, you can find these and more information:

  • Personal details
  • Contact information
  • Usernames
  • Social media profiles
  • Job applications
  • Utility bills
  • Courthouse records
  • Credit reports
  • Loan applications
  • Marital history
  • Criminal records
  • Location history
  • Social media profiles
  • Assets
  • A list of family members

Reasons to Perform People Search

Find a Long Lost Friend or Relative

One of the main reasons for using a people search is to find an old friend or lost relative. Perhaps your efforts to find them on social media sites or contact them via phone have borne no fruit. So, turning to people search seems like the next logical thing to do. The good thing about these powerful search engines is that they can help you find your old friend’s new phone number or address.

Find Missing Debtors

Dealing with a debtor who doesn’t want to be found is one of the biggest nightmares that creditors dread. Sadly, it is a common occurrence. If someone owes you money and vanishes into thin air, you can use people search tools to collect the necessary information perform a skip trace to locate them.

Workplace Theft

Employee theft is a major problem in businesses today. In fact, according to one study by Hayes international, approximately 69,400 employees were arrested for job theft in 2010. Note that this number does not include stolen time by employees, stolen reputation of the company, stolen morale of other honest employees, etc. The study further indicated that dishonest workers steal 5.9x more frequently than shoplifters. If this study is anything to go by, then doing a background check is a necessity. The people search tool allows you to run criminal background checks to help reduce employee theft.

Find People Who Don’t Want to be Found

People search tools can be used as an investigation tool to find those who don’t want to be found. For example, lawyers can use the tool to find someone who doesn’t want to pay for child support or alimony. Authorities can also use the tool to find criminals or fraudsters who are trying to hide.

How to do People Search

Just like a Google search, you’ll need some information to trace whoever you’re looking for. To narrow down the results, you may need to key in the person’s name, preferably both. You may also want to add their previous or current location if you have an idea where. A phone number and an address may also go a long way in helping you find the most relevant results.

If you wish to learn more about how the people search tool can help, start your free trial at Enformion today.

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