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Proprietary scoring to help businesses make informed decisions.

Machine learning and AI-backed scoring products to help businesses make informed decisions based on reliable data.

These products leverage Enformion’s vast data sets and advanced analytics to provide accurate and predictive scores for a range of purposes, including risk assessment, fraud detection, and marketing. Whether you’re looking to reduce risk, improve efficiency, or increase revenue, Enformion’s scoring products can help you achieve your goals.

Phone Scores

Enformion utilizes proprietary scoring and risk indicators to confirm phone number accuracy to increase your right-party contact rates and improve customer communication.

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ePhone Risk Score

Enformion’s ePhone Risk Score helps to answer the question of whether or not a customer request should be approved based on the phone number they provided. Our score categorizes the risk associated with the phone number, giving you the confidence to know whether to proceed or not with the given request. With deterministic attributes, you can trust that the ePhone Risk Score will give you reliable information to make informed decisions throughout the customer journey, from onboarding to customer service.

Address Scores

Backed by advanced algorithms and extensive data sets, Enformion’s address scoring provides greater insight into the accuracy of customer addresses.

eAddress Risk Score

eAddress Risk Score takes into account multiple data points, including the address type (residential, commercial, or PO Box), time at address, whether the address is vacant or active, and whether it is associated with high-risk individuals or properties to provide valuable information to help accurately categorize the level of risk associated with an address. Enformion’s robust data sets and eAddress Risk Score are essential tools in helping customers mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities and make well-informed decisions regarding customer requests.

Email Scores

Improve customer accuracy and communication with Enformion’s intuitive email scoring and risk indicators.

eEmail Risk Score

Enformion’s eEmail Risk Score is an important tool to provide an extra layer of protection in the fight against fraud. By analyzing email address attributes, along with linked data from our expansive database, businesses can more accurately assess the risk of a transaction and prevent fraud more effectively.

eEmail Risk Score provides a comprehensive score between 0 and 100. Higher scores indicate higher risk associated with the email address.

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