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Using Batch Processing for Faster Results


Running numerous searches and processing vast amounts of information is undoubtedly a tedious process. No person desires to sit in front of a computer all day running similar searches again and again. A worker would prefer to focus this effort on more fascinating and productive aspects of their job. How can you do multiple tasks within a short time? How can you create time to do great activities? Multitasking may seem the best option, but our brain is not so good at multitasking as we can imagine. For this reason, batch processing is a method to increase productivity in a short period.

What Is Batch Processing?

Batch processing is a technique of automating and processing many transactions as one unit. Blocks of data are stored over a certain period and processed at once. The main reason for processing in batches is to save system energy by performing tasks in bulk while increasing efficiency through automation.

For example, you are performing bank transactions hourly rather than completing each transaction individually. Batch processing helps handle tasks like payroll, settling trades overnight, end-month reconciliation, etc. Although the design and implementation of batch processing are costly, it saves money and labor over time.

Why Batch Processing Works

It Significantly Reduces Start-Up and Slow-Down Time

Whenever we shift our focus from one task to another, it takes approximately fifteen minutes to regain complete focus. Therefore, doing the same job several times a day will result in the accumulation of wasted energy. Consequently, less energy is left to perform other tasks. The time taken shifting from one job to another can accumulate a significant load time before regaining the focus state.

It Aids Free Up More Time for Deep Work

Deep work is undertaking a task in a distraction-free state. This concentration pushes your cognitive ability to limit. It is advisable to use batch processing to handle the more mundane tasks. Therefore, you have more time to deal with your side projects, side hustles, come up with innovations, or undertake entrepreneurial pursuits.

When to Use Batch Processing

Automating Tasks

Same way batch processing functions with minimum interactions in software, you should have all repetitive activities automated to free more space. You can invest using batch processing by automating your finances monthly by putting it in autopilot and utilizing autoplay.  For instance, you can have sub-accounts like saving, future investment, and other expenses. The automated system can be depositing a certain amount monthly to each account. That way, you can pay rent and additional daily costs from the sub-account without worrying about overspending.

You can also find new outlets using batch processing. Instead of searching for news daily, the story will come to you. Various media systems can analyze your reading habits and provide suggested articles. They send the relevant daily information to your inbox and minimize your hustle of searching for communication. Therefore, you have more time to read the news in depth.

 Carrying Out Activities Requiring Minimal Effort

Tasks requiring minimal effort are tasks that are repetitive with less unique problem-solving skills required. You can handle such tasks using batch processing and gain hours each day. For example, washing dishes and other house chores take minimal time. However, these activities can accumulate a lot of overhead time when performed often.

You can as well use batch file appends to append dates and times to file names. This significantly reduces the time taken if you were to append each file individually. Lastly, you can read emails and reply to phone calls using batch processing. You can dedicate a specific hour of the day to respond to your emails except for the urgent ones. You can then close your email and focus on other activities.

Let Us Support You

Batch processing is an excellent way of completing your tasks on time, increasing productivity, cutting costs, and improving efficiency. At Enformion, our team of experts is experienced in handling batch processing and file appends. Sign up today to get a free trial tailored to suit your individual needs.

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