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How Identity Verification Delivers Enhanced Trust and Safety For Gig Economy Companies

A Marketplace Risk Webinar with Enformion and Prove.

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Key Discussion Points:

  • Understanding marketplace risk in the digital age
  • Importance of identity verification in fostering trust and safety
  • Strategies to enhance user experiences and drive platform advocacy
  • Attracting new buyers and sellers through trust-building initiatives
  • Leveraging identity verification to sustain revenue growth


Garient Evans
SVP of Products – B2B, Enformion
Mary Ann Miller
VP of Client Experience, Prove


Online marketplaces have become a major force in how individuals work, transact, and function in business and consumer settings. These marketplaces function in diverse formats, catering to various service needs and customer preferences within the digital landscape. Yet, amidst this variety, all online marketplaces share a fundamental objective: facilitating transactions between individuals or entities, whether they have an existing, verified relationship or are strangers. Facilitating these transactions sustains the marketplace’s revenue stream through transaction fees and fuels its growth trajectory.

Join this webinar with Mary Ann Miller, VP of Client Experience at Prove, and Garient Evans, VP of Product at Enformion, to learn how to generate positive user experiences that incentivize existing buyers to advocate for the platform, attract new buyers and entice additional sellers seeking access to a broader customer base.

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