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Reaching the Underserved

Perspectives on Hard-To-Verify Consumers

Join us for a dynamic interactive presentation on the “underserved” and other hard-to-verify populations. Industry experts will define this population and share their insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by organizations seeking to establish relationships with these individuals.

Date: Thursday, June 15, 2023

Time: 1:30 – 2:15 pm EST

Key Discussion Points: 

  • Demographics of the underserved, unbanked, thin-file, and no-hit populations in the U.S. 
  • The economic value of these consumers and why they’re an important market to include. 
  • Challenges faced by organizations seeking to reach these consumers. 
  • Practical strategies for organizations to improve access for underserved populations. 
  • Innovative technology and tools to verify identities and serve the underserved market. 
  • Unique perspectives on the underserved population, and how Enformion solutions can help businesses verify these identities. 


Garient Evans
SVP of Products – B2B, Enformion
Mike Engle
CSO, 1Kosmos

Detailed Description:

The “underserved” are people in the United States who may be young, immigrants, or not active in the traditional financial ecosystem. The buzzwords in the industry are “underserved”, “underbanked”, “thin-file” (a.k.a., “unscorable”), and “no-hit” (a.k.a., “credit invisible”) demographics. These people represent tremendous value to our economy, and they deserve equal access to products and services.

Historically and even today, these populations have challenges when applying for government benefits and services, when applying for new accounts, and/or when making financial transactions.  Accurate identity verification can be difficult, especially for those that do not have robust credit histories.

Industry experts will describe who these individuals are, discuss the reasons why accurate verification is difficult, and explore innovations that are enabling these consumers to open accounts, access products & services, receive government benefits, and be included in the digital economy.

Register now and don’t miss this insightful discussion that will shed light on this important often-overlooked group, and help you better understand how your business can reach these consumers.

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