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Unlocking Identity Risk Using Phone Data

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Access our on-demand webinar on phone data and how it can help to unlock identity risk.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The fundamentals of risk management when it comes to phone number verification.
  • What does “normal” look like versus aberrant indicators for phone data?
  • What are the attack vectors across the consumer lifecycle? 
  • How are phones used in fraud schemes? 
  • What are the key trends in phone verification? 


Garient Evans
SVP of Products – B2B, Enformion
Venkat Bhardwaj
Chief Product & Analytics Officer, Enformion


Are you your mobile phone and vice versa? Now more than ever, individuals around the world rely on their smartphones to interact not only with their friends and family but also with their most important business relationships. Mobile phones are now at the core of our identities. 

View our on-demand interactive webinar on phone data and how it can help to unlock identity risk. Mobile phones are increasingly the most reliable way to verify U.S. consumers and perform risk assessments. Our industry experts will delve into the evolution of phone data, offering insights and best practices for organizations to effectively employ phone-based identity verification while mitigating fraud and compliance risks. 

Enformion experts will describe how enterprises can leverage phone data tools and strategies to bolster their risk management programs. Enformion will explain how using phone data to validate true identities through risk assessment & modeling is particularly effective amongst thin files and other hard-to-verify populations. 

Access this insightful discussion that will shed light on the importance of phone data, and help you better understand how your business can safely interact with consumers. 

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