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How to Use Big Data for Investigative Research


There used to be a time when information was on case cards, in shoe boxes, and property details stayed on fiche. Investigative research was slow, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Investigators could spend an entire day on the road and accomplish nothing. Big data research has relegated this antiquated system to the past.

Contemporary Investigation Professionals Source Data Effectively

Investigators are of integral importance in the criminal justice system. They provide services that include surveillance, skip tracing, asset investigation, the process of service, and accident scene investigations. As life is moving faster, the contemporary professional has to remain on the cutting edge of data collection, too.

Big data must take the form of a carefully curated intelligence platform. It provides access to a sophisticated public records search engine that pulls data from a broad range of networks. Licensed investigators no longer have to crosscheck multiple databases, but save time by checking one.

Data Safety Maintains the Integrity of the Information

We require investigators to submit an application and go through a brief credentialing process to access our data. It protects you from having hobbyists and interested third parties beat you to the punch. Moreover, this process ensures the security of the private and public records you will access.

Reaping the Benefits of Big Data Access

Using private investigation tools that eliminate the need to scour secondary search engines, outdated software databases, and possibly compromised records, the investigator uses our platform’s proprietary algorithm to find complementing pieces of information.

  • Resolve cases. Whether you run background checks or need to authenticate an identity, access to big data lets you find the information you need
  • Connect people. Are you checking on a suspicious workers’ comp claimant? Because the data highlights associations and flags patterns, you may recognize associations that could have escaped others.
  • Verify witnesses. It will not do to have opposing counsel or the DA put your employer’s witness under scrutiny for the investigator working with an attorney. By researching the individual, you know what to expect and can alert your employer to possible conflicts.

Successful Case Resolution Now Hinges on Effective Data Research

Investigative inquiries must choose data that is readily available. However, a TransUnion survey found that investigators have begun wading through unmanageable quantities of relevant and irrelevant information. While that company’s efforts focus on the financial aspects and related tools, today’s investigator needs far more.

Employers need real-time status reports. Integrity demands that a private investigator only presents information they are certain of. As a professional, you know how to select the right records. However, would you know how to mine big data for every bit of information that could benefit your employer?

An Intelligence Platform Combines and Curates Big Data

Imagine if your data research spanned 6,000 sources. However, rather than having the bits and pieces presented in a hodgepodge that takes a while to put together, you get it as a comprehensive profile. If you have been dealing with challenging cases that have been taking up a lot of time but yielding few results, big data could change that.

Moreover, there is always more information to curate. For the criminal investigations specialist who is working with older data, the new details could create a far more workable profile of suspects, persons of interest, and even victims.

Getting Access is Surprisingly Simple

You do not have to commit right away. Having access to 120 billion records in a workable presentation is something that you have to experience to believe. Enformion offers licensed investigators a free trial of our database. Contact us today to get started!

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