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Understanding Record Appends


Keeping good records is the first step towards safeguarding your bottom line and staying compliant. Every business is required by law to keep records that contain details of receipts, payments, assets, sales, liabilities, and more. However, what’s even more vital is consumer records that can help you convert more leads and track delinquent accounts. Record appends ensure you have all the information you need about your consumers. Therefore, you can easily capture your customers’ attention and extend your market outreach. Equally, understanding your audience ensures you make better-informed decisions within your industry.

Although record appending might seem like a daunting task, it is somewhat straightforward with the right tools. You get to break them down into a series of manageable tasks, thus guaranteeing easy access and regular updates. Today we take a comprehensive look at types of record appends with use cases to help you get started.

Data Record Appends

With data record appends, extra information is added to your existing customer records. Therefore, you get to have more data about your consumers. For instance, let’s say you have a list of phone numbers without any additional data. Using data append, you can create complete customer profiles from each of the phone numbers.

Addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are examples of information you put into a data append. What you get out will include full names, phone numbers, physical addresses, demographics, and email addresses. A single piece of data will get you all the information needed to construct a complete consumer profile. Therefore, companies use data appends when they have only partial information about their consumers.

Any business can take advantage of data appends to learn more about their consumers. Organizations that benefit from complete customer profiles include retail manufacturers, insurance workers, legal firms, law enforcement, and debt collectors. Adding extra information is easier with data appends because you don’t have to hunt down the data manually.

Phone Score Appends

Making right-party contact is vital in ensuring consumers trust your business. Contrary to what most companies think, having a consumer file doesn’t necessarily mean you have current information. For instance, an individual may have moved or changed their phone number after you collected their information.

Phone score appends ensure you find the right person instantly. Therefore, you don’t need to waste time and resources jumping through numerous possible phone numbers. Equally, it makes it easier to handle sensitive consumer information.

Examples of industries that rely heavily on making right-party contact include healthcare and collections. These are high-risk, high-reward industries that need accurate data and phone information for every person they contact. Thus, making it easier to manage debt collection and member identity intelligence.

Address Record Appends

Getting the best address available for your consumers helps increase right-party contact. You also get to learn about your consumer habits through an address search. There is nothing more beneficial than understanding how to get in touch with your customers and where to find them.

Address appends return five current and previous addresses, including the dates. Therefore, you can establish consumer behavior and preference. It also helps save you a lot of time manually tracking down addresses, thus increasing efficiency.

Several businesses, including investigative firms, rely on address appends to find people. However, all companies can benefit from learning every detail about their consumers. For starters, it makes it easier to launch email marketing and direct mail campaigns effectively.

Let Enformion Help You

Record appends help you stay competitive within your industry. Having complete customer profiles ensures you make crucial decisions by tracking consumer data, including demographics and trends. At Enformion, we make it easier for your business to gather all the information you need. Contact us today to safeguard your bottom line.

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