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Protect Yourself from Scams after Storms


In case 2020 hasn’t been a weird enough year, add in a record-breaking storm season to the mix and you’ve got the full package.  Storms and other natural disasters bring about enough physical damage on their own, but another negative impact has also been on the rise – scams.

Unfortunately, in the event of a natural disaster, people tend to come out of the woodwork fraudulently posing as official disaster aid workers, building contractors, or providing fake offers for local or federal aid. As a smart consumer and/or business, you need to learn how to protect yourself from being taken advantage of. Thankfully, Enformion can help arm you with that protection.


FEMA advises survivors to be aware of fraud and scams and encourages them to report any suspicious activity or potential fraud from scam artists, identity thieves, and other criminals. Enformion offers a variety of tools and solutions to help you learn more about who you’re working with and if they’re legitimately who they say they are.

Are you a small business that needs to update a large number of addresses after your customers have been displaced because of a storm? Our Data Enrichment tool can update your records quickly and easily, reducing the amount of time a manual update would take.

Homeowner’s insurance claims are sure to surge after a natural disaster. Thankfully, Enformion has the tools and data in place to assist in the research needed to process these claims and reduce fraudulent activity.

Working with an outside contractor or another vendor? Our Identity Verification solution provides the data you need to ensure you and your business are kept safe and protected.

For more information on how Enformion’s set of customizable tools and solutions can help protect you and your business from a scam, sign up for a free trial or contact us today!

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