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Enformion’s Edge to your Business

Debt buyers purchase debts from original creditors, intermediaries, or other
debt buyers in order to collect on debts themselves, place debts with collection agencies, or sell the debts to other buyers. As a debt buyer, you try to keep your operating expenses as low as possible to maintain your margin. Enformion makes it easier for debt buyers to find people and get a positive return on their investment. With Enformion, you will:

  • Reduce manual work and skip tracing
  • Improve Right Party Contact rates
  • Decrease Wrong Party Contact rates
  • Reduce your data costs

Skip tracing with the most accurate and current contact information available.  Through Batch and API processing receive the best results including:

  • Accurate phones with dates, phone type
  • Phone score
  • Current address that is unique to your input address

 For deeper skip tracing, leverage Enformion’s in-depth solutions, including:

  • Spouse, relatives, and associates connections
  • Property and asset data
  • Risk indicators including bankruptcies, judgments, and more

Segmenting your accounts first gives you the added edge to increase your collection dollars and protect your organization from TCPA and FDCPA complaints.

Spending More Time With Debtors and Creditors

  • Reduce time compared to manual skip tracing.
  • Automate services help you spend time with customers, especially when you can customize them to fit your needs.
  • With one click, you can use Enformion to get information about nearly every adult in the United States.

Utilize Enformion’s batch processing to take a large list of customers, then turn it into actionable information that you can convert to Right Party Contacts.


Finding People No Matter Where They Are

It’s not uncommon to lose track of debtors when they move, whether because they’re intentionally trying to avoid their debts or just because they forgot to update their contact information. Either way, you need a way to find the people you’re looking for, even if you don’t have up-to-date contact information. Enformion can help you get that accurate information.

  • Your business relies on you being able to find people, which means that you need the most accessible skip tracing services in the industry.
  • There’s no need to use antiquated ways of finding people when you can instead take advantage of automated services.
  • With Enformion, you can instead use the most up-to-date information on the market to discover where people are hiding through our Batch processing and API solutions.

Getting Information About Almost Anyone

When you’re looking for information, it’s incredibly important that you’re able to get information for everyone on your list. Collection agencies never have enough data for customers, but having a database like Enformion makes sure things are easier.

  • No matter who you’re trying to find, you want to get as much information about the person in question as possible.
  • It’s important that any database you use offers information on a wide number of individuals.
  • Enformion collects information from over 6,000 data sources, so you can be sure you’re getting the most exhaustive information available.

Enformion gives you the tools you need to succeed.



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The State of Third-Party Collections 2019: Challenges, Trends and Innovations


The State of Third-Party Collections 2019: Challenges, Trends and Innovations

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