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Now that the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is in effect, companies who do business in California need to abide by it. See how Enformion can make the law’s requirements easier to meet.

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How Enformion Helps with CCPA Identity Verification

The California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, was passed in 2018 and went into effect on January 1, 2020. This act offers more privacy options for California customers, including a customer’s right to see what data a business stores about them and the right to make a request regarding the business’s use or storage of that data.

However, when a customer asks for a business to make that change, the business must verify the customer’s identity first, or that business could face significant fines. Here’s how you can avoid those fines and other repercussions by using Enformion to verify these requests.

Keeping Up Your Compliance

The CCPA is a piece of state legislation, which means the state of California can directly enforce it. Plus, even if your business is fairly small, you still might need to abide by it. If your business receives more than half of its annual revenues from selling personal information, it’s subject to the CCPA. Both small and large businesses can utilize Enformion’s tools for better security.

  • Even if you haven’t needed to maintain compliance with similar legislation before, you may end up having difficulty if you don’t boost your identity verification policies now.
  • Fines for CCPA violations increase if they’re “willful,” which you may fall under if you don’t maintain compliance simply because you don’t want to invest the time or money.
  • Enformion helps you create brand new identity verification policies for everyone, both California residents and elsewhere.

Being More Transparent for Customers and Legislators

Transparency in business can be very helpful for your company overall. Your customers want to see transparency (and if the CCPA is any indication, legislators do as well). If you’re willing to add additional transparency to your company as a whole with Enformion, you may see your sales grow because customers trust you more.

  • Whether you’re doing it because of legislation or you just want to change the way your company functions as a whole, it’s important to utilize tools that will accurately reflect these changes.
  • High-quality information will help you verify customers’ identities and showcase your business’s transparency.
  • With Enformion, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your information; we’ve gathered the best possible information sources available.

Giving Your Customers More Options

The intention behind the CCPA is to give customers more options as a whole. Most customers understand that certain companies sell their advertising information. However, customers want to be in charge of which pieces of advertising information companies sell and which pieces they even keep on their servers. Enformion gives your customers more options than is even legally required.

  • Legal compliance is important, but customer satisfaction can be even more important.
  • When you go above and beyond, offering your customers the ability to keep themselves safe in brand new ways, they will appreciate that effort.
  • With risk mitigation tools from Enformion, you’re able to maintain safety for your customers every time you verify a customer’s identity.

Verifying Identities Beyond the CCPA

Obviously, the CCPA maintains a set of privacy requirements that you have to legally follow. However, what about other policies, including ones that don’t necessarily hold legal weight? If you deal with sensitive information or have a business at high risk for fraud, you want to verify those customers’ identities as well, even if they’re not asking for access to private information under the CCPA.

  • Business transparency requires that you go above and beyond, showcasing care for your customers beyond what is legislatively sanctioned.
  • With better tools, you’ll be able to increase your security features to surpass legal requirements.
  • Enformion has built-in identity verification options you can use to help verify identities for all your internal policies, not just ones you’ve built to conform with the CCPA.

Automating More of Your Privacy Requirements

No matter what your business deals in, you want to make sure you are not doing more manual work than needed. Privacy is an extremely important part of business, but manually working through each privacy request ends up being a lot of busywork. With Enformion, you can reduce that busywork and develop a better system.

  • Requiring manual processing cuts into your profits because you need someone to be able to handle each case.
  • From requests that customers file under the CCPA to identity verification services that you add to your business on your own terms, you should have automation options.
  • Enformion is the best way to utilize your business’s time wisely, with automated options like batch processing for maximum efficiency.



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