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An identity management system helps your company offer access only to people who need it. Enformion can help you to manage that system with state-of-the-art data delivery.

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How Enformion Can Help Corporations Build Efficient Identity Management Systems

Identity management is the process for identifying individuals or groups of people that have access to applications, systems or networks based on user rights, restrictions, and established identities. When you need to give access to sensitive information, it’s important that you only give that access to people who should have it. If you don’t properly identify the people who receive access, you may end up granting access to people who shouldn’t have it, which can open the door for fraud and other potential problems in the future.

A strong identity management system can ensure you have strict policies to grant access only to the people who should actually have it. Here’s how Enformion will help you create and enforce these policies.

Building an Easy-to-Enforce Set of Policies

Identity management systems are built on policies that guide who gets access to what information at what times. That’s why the first step to building an identity management system is coming up with the policies that will guide your system. When you’re able to build ironclad policies, you can make sure you’re guarding your information equally on all sides.

  • Your policies will help you guide the way you navigate security as a corporation, so you should build knowledgeable policies from the start.
  • If you notice someone developing additional risk factors, you can make changes to that individual’s access permissions.
  • Not only can Enformion help guide you to the policies you should use for your identity management systems, but it will also make it easier for you to enforce those policies.

Applying Your Identity Management Policies Every Time


When you create an identity management system, it’s important that you apply all of your policies across the board. Although you can certainly make exceptions for one-time needs, such as if a stockholder needs to see information to make a decision about your business, your baseline should always be the same. Enformion gives you the tools to apply your identity management systems appropriately.

  • A strong identity management system doesn’t mean anything if you’re not able to apply it all the time.
  • You need identity management systems that you can apply system-wide, so you always maintain a strong security system.
  • If you have a large business that requires lots of risk screening, you can take advantage of Enformion’s batch processing for easy screening.

Lowering Fraud Inside Your Business


All types of fraud can have a serious impact on your business, whether it comes from the inside or the outside. However, internal fraud may have an even more serious impact. When a company has identity management systems that offer too much access to certain categories of employees, it makes the system ripe for internal fraud. Enformion can help to reduce that fraud.

  • Internal fraud is an important risk factor in your business, which is why you need to keep an eye on it.
  • By managing your internal fraud risk factors with a strong identity management system, you can reduce and even eliminate fraud in your business.
  • Enformion offers plenty of corporate risk management strategies, which will help you locate and root out fraud before it even happens.

Improving Your Public Reputation

Customers and vendors want to know they’re dealing with a company that takes security seriously. When you implement strong identity management policies both internally and externally, that lets people know you really believe in strong security. Enformion’s data and security options will definitely entice more people to consider your company over others.

  • Maintaining your public reputation is an important part of managing your profitability.
  • When you use information that can help you know your customer and cater more directly to their needs, you can further your reputation in your industry.
  • Enformion offers security tools you need to manage your security, and therefore your profitability.

Reducing Liability for Higher Long-Term Profits


Fraud is a multi-faceted problem, and that’s why you need a multi-faceted solution. Although you may not be able to eliminate fraud in your business completely, you can take steps to avoid it and take care of it as soon as it happens. Enformion reduces your liability because you know you’ve taken as many steps as you can to keep everyone in your business safe.

  • Your liability influences how many customers you’re able to serve, which vendors you’re able to create contracts with, and even potential government action if you do fall victim to fraud.
  • You need to get out in front of fraud so that you reduce liability, and security systems can help you do that.
  • Enformion will give you the tools you need to make sure you keep your liability low and your profits high.



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