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Using Data to Increase Right-Party Contact Rates


“Right-party contact” refers to the ability to reach the right person with the message you have or take action against the appropriate individual and/or property. High right-party contact rates are essential throughout several industries, including debt collection, repossession, and law enforcement. Obviously, the last thing you want to do is waste time and resources on “dead ends” that don’t lead to the object of your inquiries.

To achieve the highest possible rate, you’ll need to leverage the data-mining tools available to you. These often include the following data sources:

Phone Appends for Right-Party Contact

Incorrect or outdated phone numbers are one of the biggest obstacles to right-party contact. Whether you’re trying to reach someone to collect on a debt, or need to share confidential information with the right individual per HIPAA, it can be extremely frustrating when you don’t have the correct phone number in front of you.

In this regard, phone appends can help. Phone appends connect a person’s existing records to all the phone numbers associated with him or her, both past and present. By correlating public records for address appends like address history, property taxes, and other pieces of data to these phone numbers, you can increase the likelihood of contacting the right person with your message.

Relatives and Associates

It may take quite a bit of extra digging, but reaching out to a person’s relatives and known associates can help you to discover their current location and contact info. For instance, by performing a comprehensive search via Enformion’s RPC solution, you can compile a list of family members and friends with whom the individual may be staying.

At the very least, the person’s close associates may be able to provide you with updated information on their whereabouts, thus enabling you to make contact with the most evasive of debtors.

Vehicle Registration

In most cases, even when a person doesn’t want to be found, he or she still wants freedom of movement — which usually means owning a vehicle. Obtaining data from the DMV of the person’s state of residence (e.g., any vehicle registrations in the person’s name) is often a highly effective way to uncover their current location and contact information. Moreover, when you invest in real-time vehicle registration data, you gain access to the most recent and up-to-date information about the person’s vehicle, which can prove invaluable in your search.

Right-Party Contact Alternative Data Sources

Many public records are closely associated with a person’s credit history. However, what if the object of your inquiries has never signed up for a credit card, never financed a car, or never consistently banked with the same institution for a significant period of time? If that’s the situation, then it may be extremely difficult to find accurate contact information from credit-based databases.

This is where alternative data sources can come up in handy. For example, if the person you’re looking for has ever paid a power bill in his or her name, or contracted with an Internet service provider, then you may be able to search through utility listings to find the information you need. At the very least, the data mined from alternative sources can serve as a helpful cross-reference to the more “traditional” data sources you use.

Ultimately, leveraging these alternative data sources as an integral part of your process can result in much higher right-party contact rates.

Of course, several other data-mining solutions can help you achieve optimal right-party contact rates for your organization. If you’d like to learn more about the available solutions, reach out to our team of qualified experts at Enformion today!


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