Fraud Mitigation Solutions 

Protect yourself against fraud with Enformion’s customizable solutions.

Whether you’re in the insurance, corporate, compliance, or financial industry, or you’re a licensed investigator, fraud mitigation takes continuous effort. With our vast database of public information, advanced analytic tools, and decades of expertise, Enformion is the partner you need to fight back against fraud. We can help to make the necessary task of detecting fraud much easier for you and your company to perform.

What is fraud mitigation?

Fraud mitigation refers to any tool or technique that is used to reduce the frequency or severity of fraudulent activity.To establish client trust and protect profits, you need strong fraud detection tools in place. Enformion’s suite of fraud solutions can power a fraud detection program to quickly and discreetly detect and stop fraud.

One essential tool for reducing fraud is our Identity Verification service available via API and the cloud-based platform.

Being able to verify a customer or vendor’s identity is standard practice. With our easy-to-use data search capabilities, regular identity verification becomes quick and simple.

  • Use our cloud-based platform to quickly lookup a person and get a full picture, starting with just a couple of pieces of identifying information.
  • For profiles of groups of people, you can try batch processing your data, on your schedule.
  • Or integrate Enformion into your own existing data system for immediate access via a customized API solution.

With the array of tools and comprehensive data that Enformion offers, your company can be that much nimbler if and when new fraud attempts are made. And they can make you that much more sophisticated in verifying identities against equally sophisticated false proofs of identity.

In addition to knowing who you’re working with from the start, we can also help when it comes to investigating fraud and determining risk factors. In short, you can feel much more confident facing the constant—and evolving—challenge fraud presents.

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