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SSN Reverse Lookup

A Social Security Number, or SSN, is one of the most important numbers United States residents have. If you were born in the United States, you’ll receive one when you’re born, and if you become a resident, you’ll receive one once you’re verified for permanent residency. It’s a wholly unique number that you use for taxes, opening bank accounts, and other important financial information, which is why it’s so crucial not to let anyone else know about it.

Whether living or dead, every person only has a single Social Security Number; even after you die, the Social Security Administration doesn’t reuse Social Security Numbers. If you have someone’s Social Security Number, you’ll be able to get extra information about them using an SSN reverse lookup, which can help legitimate Social Security Number users understand more about an individual and verify their identity.

What Is an SSN Reverse Lookup?

A reverse lookup most commonly uses a Social Security Number to find out more information about the individual who owns that Social Security Number. There are other methods of using an SSN reverse lookup, but the “reverse” part of the name refers to the fact that you’re using the information other than the person’s name to look up information about them.

How Do I Use an SSN Reverse Lookup?

There are a number of ways you might be able to get information out of an SSN reverse lookup. The methods of looking up information may be one of the following:

  • Location
  • Date
  • Social Security Number
  • Full name of a deceased individual

There are a variety of ways an individual may be able to use the SSN reverse lookup, but one of the most common is to input the Social Security Number directly and gather information based on that. If you have a full Social Security Number, an SSN reverse lookup can help you get information on the person, which can give you a path to verifying their identity.

What Type of Information Does an SSN Reverse Lookup Offer?

Because a Social Security Number is often one of the most sensitive pieces of information in a person’s life, the information you receive from an SSN reverse lookup may not be as expansive as the information you could receive from another type of search. However, an SSN reverse lookup will likely have this information:

  • Year the number was issued
  • The estimated age of the cardholder
  • Full name If the person is deceased
  • The location where the SSN was issued

You’ll notice that you’re only able to get the user’s full name if they’re deceased. This is a cautionary detail to make sure you’re not able to steal someone’s identity just by looking up their Social Security Number. However, you can use an SSN reverse lookup to verify someone’s information.

How Can Enformion Help With an SSN Reverse Lookup?

If you want to do an SSN reverse lookup, you might be able to get that information through Enformion. However, even if you choose to do your SSN reverse lookup somewhere else, Enformion can help you expand upon the information that you get from the SSN reverse lookup. More information is never a bad thing, and Enformion proves that.