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For agencies in the public sector, our specialized data solutions are available via government contract or partnership. The quality of our data, stringent security and confidentiality practices, and cost-effectiveness have all been thoroughly vetted, so that government entities can be assured that their data needs will be met with Enformion.

The Federal Library and Information Network (FEDLINK)

FEDLINK is an organization that promotes the efficient use of federal library and information center facilities through common services, sharing resources, and providing continuing education. It is also a forum for the various policies, procedures, and technologies that affect federal libraries and the info they provide.

Enformion is a contracted vendor through FEDLINK.                                                                      FEDLINK Contract Number: LCFDL19D0060

Request information on Enformion through FEDLINK’s Direct Express option.

Government Services Administration (GSA)

GSA provides federal, state and local government agencies access to strictly vetted service providers, contractors, and product suppliers. By pre-screening private vendors, GSA’s intent is to shorten procurement periods, guarantee compliance, and advocate for the best value.

Enformion’s services are available via GSA Schedule 70, Information Technology (Cloud Solutions). GSA Contract Number: 47QTCA19D001T

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NASPO ValuePoint

NASPO is the premier source for public cooperative contracting at the state government level. State government entities can expect the highest standards of quality as well as competitive bids from contracted NASPO vendors.

Enformion is a proud NASPO contractor.                                                                                             NASPO Contract Number: AR3097

Look up Enformion through the NASPO ValuePoint portal.


Enformion currently holds partnerships with several agencies including the U.S. Army Reserves, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Maryland WIC Vendor Operations, and more.

US VA dept

U.S. Army Reserves

The U.S. Army Reserves came to Enformion after less-than-satisfactory results and support from a leading competitor. They were in need of a platform for extensive Locator Data Services, including meeting quotas for recently-departed soldiers to retain in the Army Reserves and maintaining contact with the remaining soldiers for emergency recall situations, such as wartime.

Enformion proposed the Enformion for Civil Enforcement (ECE) product to meet the Army Reserves’ needs. ECE includes features and data content to meet all of the Army Reserves’ use case requirements, while also including Enformion’s on-demand batch file services.

With our solution, the U.S. Army Reserves was able to achieve the following results:

  • 97% accuracy
  • 700 seat licenses
  • 1.2 million location records per year
  • 30,000 unique SSNs per month

Read the case study.

US VA dept

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration subscribes its 60 research analysts in their Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office to Enformion’s commercial and public records for the research of potential next of kin and contact information for deceased American soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

maryland WIC

State of Maryland Women Infants & Children (WIC) Vendor Operations

The Maryland Department of Health, Women Infant, and Children Program (WIC) uses Enformion as an investigative tool to enforce the laws and regulations of the State of Maryland in fighting against fraud in the WIC program.

city of philadelphia

Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office

The Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office conducts Death Investigations to establish the identity of decedents possessed by the Medical Examiner’s Office and to determine the location of and complete the notification of next of kin.

Enformion’s average of 27 relatives and associates per contact record has become a critical tool for this requirement, providing actionable leads for Medical Examiner’s Office Investigators to efficiently complete their mission.

“As to Enformion, I find they have an exceptional product with more searches being added in the future. The CS is hands down the best support I have seen to date which to me is just as important as the data they provide. Certainly in my “go-to” data provider.”

Greg Garrett

Garrett Security Associates

“We are extremely pleased with the system and are working on a 5-year contract.  The guys in the field love the system!”

Current Public Sector Customer

Battalion Executive Officer

“…the search I conducted produced a gold mine of information. So, again, Enformion provided important information needed for my case.”

Legal Customer

…We have used [Big Data Provider 1] and [Big Data Provider 2] in the past. Enformion not only has a better product, but your customer service is outstanding. Thanks again!

Public Sector Customer

Enformion has created a product that makes my job as a Security Operations executive easier and safer. Enformion’s customer service is unparalleled and they truly work you for a custom solution that sets you up for success.

John C.

Security Operations Executive

Enformion Locator Services directly impact, on average, 80% of our successful locations of individuals. Also, Enformion provides us with monthly mass data pulls that average 30,000 unique entries that are then transferred into our system for direct use. Enformion is responsive to our needs with near round the clock communication. They also take input from my organization and make regular changes to better facilitate our needs. No previous contractor has been so customer service-driven.

Public Sector Customer

On an everyday basis, Enformion has created a product for every investigator to use with ease…the customer service at Enformion has truly been an outstanding experience and mirrors exactly what should be received from a company that values its customers…

Greg G

Private Investigator

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