Risk Management Data

Determine the level of risk an individual or company poses with Enformion’s data and solutions.

Risk Management Solutions

Next to identity verification, figuring out an individual’s risk level is another essential fraud-fighting tool. With the right information in hand, you can determine how much risk a person poses and, based on how much risk you’re comfortable with, proceed accordingly.

How does Enformion help mitigate risk?

Risks can arise from a variety of sources including project failures, legal liabilities, cybersecurity threats, credit risk, deliberate attacks, natural disasters, and more. Thankfully, Enformion’s database contains over 120 billion records, from over 6,000 sources, so the depth and breadth of our data ensure you find the information you need.

In addition, our platform delivers deeper insights and more advanced tools to help you maintain the edge on criminals or fraudsters.

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With Enformion data solutions, you can find out if someone has past criminal charges in his or her past that should raise a red flag. Or if they have any other financial risk factors on their record, like bankruptcies, liens, or foreclosures. Find out if they have associated with any risky people or businesses, now or in the past to keep you and your business protected.

We specialize in customizing risk management and mitigation solutions. Learn more about how we deliver the data you need in the most efficient way for your company and its processes:

Corporate Risk Management

It’s up to your company to assess risk with every customer and vendor interaction you have. Enformion’s identity verification and other security tools help to make that risk assessment easier.

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Our record scrub solutions can make your debt collection efforts much simpler and less risky.

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For those in the insurance industry, detecting and stopping fraud is an ongoing challenge. See how you can leverage Enformion’s data and detection tools to keep fraudsters at bay.

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