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Unmasking Human Stories in a Data-Driven World


In our era of relentless data, a simple 10-digit phone number opens a gateway to intricate lives. While many claim access to phone data, Enformion takes it a step further, delving into analysis that harmonizes security, compliance, and customer experience.

The prevailing narrative champions phone data as a goldmine for marketing, customer experience enhancement, fraud risk mitigation, and compliance adherence. However, there exists a counter-narrative that asserts phone signals are inherently unreliable, potentially misleading, and susceptible to corruption and manipulation.

As seasoned experts in identity, Enformion has meticulously scrutinized over 1 billion phone numbers. Within this vast dataset, anomalies among 11% of phones emerge as potential indicators of risk. Yet, we understand the nuance—multiple identities might signify family plans rather than deceit, and frequent provider switches may be a result of environmental instability.

Recognizing that data alone paints an incomplete picture, our approach goes beyond algorithms. We layer analytics with human wisdom, distinguishing potential threats from trusted users.

But we don’t stop at data. We care about the lives within it. Our anomaly scoring of phones yielded intriguing results:

  • 1% categorized as high risk
  • 2% as moderate risk
  • 9% as low risk
  • A reassuring 89% presented no discernible risk

The driving factors behind these risk categories included deactivations, provider changes, multiple actions, and anomalies in entity linkages.

Yet, we acknowledge that numbers don’t define people. So, we unravel the stories behind the statistics—the families, youth, and communities—all navigating the ebb and flow of change.

Observations from our analysis:

  • Underbanked, underserved (“Thin-File) populations, including younger users, tend to exhibit more high-risk behaviors, with age mitigating risk. Interested in learning more about how we reach and serve the underserved “Thin File” population? Access our webinar “Reaching the Underserved.”
  • Geography plays a significant role, with smaller states experiencing a higher concentration of high-risk phones, while larger states maintain lower risk ratios.
  • The top 10 states alone account for 50% of high-risk phones.

At Enformion, we must strike a delicate balance between security and experience. While many chase signals, we opt for comprehensiveness. While many optimize metrics, we champion the identities of individuals.

In taking a stance, we declare that data provides insights, not judgments. We invite you to join us in unmasking the human stories within the numbers. Let’s collectively build an identity ecosystem centered on trust and understanding, striking the perfect equilibrium between security, experience, and compliance.

At Enformion, we believe in seeing beyond the digits and into the lives they represent. Are you ready to redefine how we interpret data? Let’s embark on this journey together.

For more insights, Check out our recent webinar: “Unlocking Identity Risk Using Phone Data.”

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