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Subprime Loans

What are Subprime Loans?

Subprime Loans

A subprime loan is a loan intended for borrowers who are not considered to be in the prime category. A borrower who is considered prime will have a high credit score and an income that reflects an ability to pay the loan, whereas a subprime borrower has low-credit scores or credit that is not well-established yet, and an income that is less than the desired amount to support a monthly mortgage payment. A subprime loan comes with a much higher risk to the lender, and to offset that risk, subprime mortgages often come with an adjustable rate.

Our Customers

Documents You’ll Need
Please have the following documents ready in digital format.
  • Government Issued ID(i.e. drivers license, passport)
  • Professional License
  • Business License
  • Address Verification (i.e. utility bill, lease)